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MQ-THM02 Tirple Shoe Bracket




The MQ-THM Triple Shoe Bracket from Micnovais a mount onto a camera's accessory shoe in order to provide three additionalaccessory shoes for mounting lights, monitors, microphones, or otheraccessories.

V-Bracket's width spans 4" / 5" / 6.5" with a tiered design formounting up to three additional accessories

l        Supports multipleshoe-mounted--self-powered lighting, audio equipment, and more

With a 3/8" threaded male bolt with 1/4"-20 female threads foralternate mounting options

l        With feature backstops forgreater security when attaching accessories.

l        Bottom shoe that attaches tothe camera features a locking pin which keeps it in place and prevents the shoefrom rotating during use

TypeTriple Shoe Bracket
MountShoe 3/8" male bolt with 1/4"-20 female threads
Dimension7.2x4.7x3.5cm / 9.1x5.2x2.5cm / 12.7x6.3x3.5cm
Weight56.7 g / 136 g / 107 g
Packaging Info
Package Weight35 g / 40 g / 52 g
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)19.5x15.4x2.2cm / 20.3x16.5x5.0cm / 22.8x19.3x3.0cm